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The Easiest Snowboarding Tricks You Can Try

If you have just gotten started in the sport of snowboarding and want to do a few tricks, just know that there are some that are easier than others.  If you are just getting started in the sport and are barely able to stand up straight on your board, you are not going to have much chance of learning any tricks.  With practice and patience you can improve and get every bit as good as the pros out there but this will take some hard work.  These are the core moves in snowboarding and which are used in all of the most challenging tricks so you will need to master these before taking on any more.

One of the most basic snowboarding tricks to learn is the grab.  You simply go down a slope and up over a jump, then while you are in the air you want to reach both hands down and grab your board.  You can only use one hand if you want, but make sure either way that you give yourself time to take your hands out from under the board before you land.  The more air you are able to get the longer you can hold the board before landing and the cooler the trick will look.

The Ollie is one of the most commonly used tricks in snowboarding, whether you use it to do a rail or get onto a jump.  For the Ollie you start down the hill and start to put more weight on the back of your board.  As you are going down a gentle slope, at least for practicing, you want to start to shift all of the weight onto your back foot.  Jump up, keep the board centered below you, and bring the board up as close to your chest as you can.

The board should be centered below you the entire time, otherwise you are going to end up unbalanced and fall off.  If the board is off center you are going to land off balance and probably end up falling over.  You may also want to work on the wheelie which is a really neat snowboarding trick to watch.  You start this move off pretty much the same way, only there is no jumping involved.

For this trick you need to maintain your balance and remember to ride only one side of the board.  You want to start off just as you would for an Ollie only instead of jumping up you just allow the nose of the board to go a bit into the air and then put it back down on the ground.  It is important to have patience when learning new snowboarding tricks and make sure you have them covered before moving on to the next.  Snowboarding tricks can be a lot of fun but if you are not safe and especially if you are not doing them right, they can also be dangerous.

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