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The Debate Between Skiing Vs Snowboarding: Which Is Better?

One question that people often have is whether skiing or snowboarding is a better sport to get into.  People often have trouble figuring out whether skiing or snowboarding is right for them.  If you are interested in getting started in skiing or snowboarding and cannot figure out which, the debate of skiing Vs snowboarding will be quite helpful to you.  For one thing consider the gear you will need to get for yourself before you can even get started.

Of course one of the biggest issues has to do with the apparel and equipment you will need to purchase to get started.   You will need the same apparel pretty much no matter which sport you get into.  That includes thermal gear, a snowsuit, boots, bindings and goggles so all the basics.  The pieces of equipment you will need for skiing are skis and poles and for snowboarding a board.

You should always wear a helmet when you are skiing or snowboarding.  You may see other people not wearing one on the snow hill but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.  In terms of which sport requires more athleticism that is a tie up in some ways as well.  Although they come out pretty close in this argument, overall snowboarding requires more physical strength than skiing.

With skiing as long as you are able to push yourself with the skis you can get going downhill and ski along the slopes.  When you are snowboarding you do not have a set of poles to rely on.  Both sports are downhill but there is another version of skiing and that is cross country skiing.  One of the biggest differences between the two sports is that with skiing you have the option not only of going downhill but also cross country.

Skiing tends to be much harder on the knees because you need to push so much with your legs and it is basically like running on a treadmill for three hours straight equal to about an hour of skiing.  If you are an adrenaline junkie and it is all about the speed for you, snowboarding is probably more your bag.  Most of the younger generation prefers snowboarding because they think of this as the “cooler” sport.  Everyone is different and the best way to really tell which sport is best for you is by giving each a try.

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