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So You Want To Go Snowboarding: Where Are The Best Places To Go?

Over the past few years in particular, snowboarding has quickly gained in popularity and is now easily the most popular winter sport in the world.  You may live near the mountains and be able to go snowboarding locally but if you can there is nothing like traveling abroad to snowboard on some of the best hills in the world.  Whether you have been into the sport for years or are just getting started, if you want to know where to go snowboarding there are a few places worth consideration.  Whistler is a name that is synonymous with the sport of snowboarding.

Whistler is renowned for its skiing and snowboarding resorts and is one of the first places people think of when they think of these sports.  There are more snowboarding resorts located in Whistler than anywhere else in the world for one.  Another great thing about the Whistler resorts for snowboarding is that there is such a range of them available, you can always find one that meets your price budget.  Whether you are looking to spend an all out vacation and blow some dough or need to conserve a bit, you can still find a fantastic resort and have the time of your life.

Whistler is located in British Columbia and there is such a variety of snowboard areas to choose from that you will be satisfied no matter if you are just new to the sport or a pro.  Aspen is another of the top picks for places to go snowboarding.  Aspen is another that is right at the top of the list and any boarder should jump at the chance if they get an opportunity to travel to Aspen.  The resorts are absolutely luxurious in every sense of the word and the weather is always ideal for boarding.

Aspen was once known as being the ski capital of the world but snowboarding has quickly gained in popularity and this is now one of the hottest spots for boarders as well.  There are lots of smaller resorts located here.  There are several larger sized resorts here that are spread around the gorgeous Lake Tahoe.  If you want to go snowboarding you should definitely keep Tahoe at the top of your list.

Tignes, France is another prime destination if you want to go snowboarding.  There are often pro snowboarding events that take place here because the scenery is just so divine.  Of course you need to have the funds to get away to any of these places especially if you do not live nearby, but it will be well worth it.  For your next vacation why not get away on a snowboarding holiday and really have the time of your life.

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