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History Of Snowboarding: From The 1920s To Today

The history of snowboarding goes back farther than most people realize.  Most people know that it was basically derived from the sport of surfing as it has the same concept only on snow rather than water.  It is the sport that became the most popular in the shortest amount of time that is for sure, as it truly only became a sport a couple of decades ago.  Some people think that snowboarding only came about a few decades ago and while this is somewhat true, the idea of snowboarding came about as far back as the 1920s.

The sport of snowboarding is relatively new, at least when compared to other sports like basketball and skiing.  People would use pieces of plywood and other materials to sit on as they rode down snow hills.  It took at least a decade for people to get more interested in the sport and this is when there was the first actual definition of a snowboard created which was known as the snurfer.  One of the main inventors of the sport was a man named Jake Burton Carpenter.

All snowboarders are familiar with the name Burton today, as this is one of the most infamous snowboarding companies in the world offering everything from boots and bindings to boards and goggles.  Their gear is high quality and is what most of the pros rely on.  This is the man who was one of the first actual pioneers of the sport and who helped it become the worldwide phenomenon it is today.  Known today as the snowboard, back then Graves would take his snurfer to different resorts and would get shut out time and time again.

This is when the sport of snowboarding was first coming about and people who were only used to seeing skiers had no idea what it was all about.  Even though he was turned away by one resort after another, Graves persisted and eventually the sport made its way into the mainstream.  It was in the year 1994 when snowboarding was declared to be an Olympic sport and it was in the 1998 Olympics that we got to see snowboarders compete in the Olympics for the very first time.  There was a milestone for the sport in the year 1994 when it was declared to be an Olympic sport.

There are now hundreds of thousands of snowboarders all around the world who compete in the sport and others who just try it out for fun.  There have been some bad raps put on snowboarders, most of which were caused by Ross Rebagliati who was a competitor in the original snowboarding Olympics.   Ross Rebagliati really started off the sport in the wrong way and that stereotype still sticks for a lot of snowboarders.  Either way the sport is a fantastic one and one which is only continuing to become more and more popular, especially with the younger generation who feel that it is one of the “coolest” sports.

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