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Getting Started In Women Snowboarding: Choosing The Right Gear

Getting started in snowboarding is one thing but you cannot do anything until you have all the right gear.  Whether you are just looking for some fun or you want a way to get out and enjoy the wintertime, snowboarding is the perfect sport.  First spend time some focusing on what you are going to wear out on the hill.  The first step is figuring out what you are going to wear out there on the slopes.

This is actually a huge mistake because then you are going to end up sweating once you are out there on the hills and being so active.  If you have five layers of clothes on under your snowsuit you are just going to end up sweating and this can actually be dangerous.  When you sweat outside you are putting yourself at risk of getting hypothermia.  Thermal tops and pants are best to wear and for a snowsuit, choose a set that comes with suspender snow pants so you will not have to worry about them falling off.

You should be wearing a snowsuit over top of your clothing anyway, and try to get a pair of snow pants that come with suspenders.  This way you will have your pants strapped up over your shoulders and will not have to worry about them falling down.  One of the biggest challenges of course is choosing your snowboard.  Choosing your board will probably be the biggest challenge, as there are just so many different boards to choose from.

This is the most important factor because you need to be able to balance properly when standing on your board and the taller you are the longer board you will need in order to get the right balance.  The taller you are, the longer a board you are going to need.  When a board comes up to the bottom of your chin this is considered as being the ideal length.  If a board ends between your collarbone and the bottom of your chin, this is exactly the perfect length and the board will work for you because you will be able to balance on it.

For your snowboard boots, make sure that you choose at least a half size larger than you would usually buy for a pair of boots.  You are going to be wearing thick socks snowboarding so that will take up a bit of room and you want a bit extra room anyway so you can move around easier.  It is important to have a bit of extra space in your boots so you can be active snowboarding and not have your feet all crushed up.  Once you have all your gear you are ready to go and can hit the slopes and show off your skills.

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