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Getting A Handle On The Basic Snowboarding Terms

Snowboarding has gained incredibly in popularity over the past few years and is now one of the most loved winter sports.  If you fall into that category and would like to get started in the sport, there are a few things you will need to do first.  You will just need to make sure you have all the right apparel and equipment first.  It will also be wise if you take time and learn snowboarding terms.

Just as there is with all other types of sports, in snowboarding there are certain terms that people use.  Although there are hundreds of terms you could learn, and snowboarders basically have their own language, there are a few that are more commonly used than others.  That includes the term accessory man, which is used to describe a lot of novice boarders.  The experienced boarders will often use this as a sort of joke to make fun of new snowboarders who have every piece of snowboarding gear imaginable.

Pro snowboarders know that quality is what counts and that you do not have to pile on the gear to be a skilled boarder.  Another of the snowboarding terms you are likely to hear on the slopes is airdog.  If you ever see a snowboarder fall off a rail, trip or otherwise fall down you will say that they bailed.  If you ever fall in the snow, this is called a bail.

The term corduroy is used to describe a trail that has just been freshly groomed and which has a finely ridged surface.  Boarders love fresh powder because it gives such a smooth ride.  There are also other frequently used snowboarding terms, such as dry slope.  You may also hear the term dry slope used.

If you ever hear someone call you dude on the hills do not take offense.  This is what snowboarders call their friends and even people they do not know.  It will take time and it takes a lot more than just learning the vocabulary to become a true snowboarder.  The more you learn the more comfortable you will be and you will find it a lot easier to introduce yourself to new people while you are out there riding the hills.

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